Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hamodia, Page F5, January 31 edition:

In the photo credit of the picture it says:


The words "PHOTO CAPTION SHOULD READ" are not supposed to be there. The company puts it there, one would assume, so that a newspaper would know what to write, which is DON EMMERT/AFP/GETTY IMAGES. It seems the Hamodia doesn't know that.

That is what happens when you cut and paste without bothering to read.
Hamodia, Page A9, January 31 edition:

In the caption of the picture titled "Thailand Airport a 'National Embarrassment":

"…..The new $4 billion airport has been plagued with numerous problems since it opened in late September 2006, including cracks reported by the Airports Authority of Thailand in the airports runways.

Since it is possessive, it should say airport's, not airports.
In the January 24, 2007 edition of the Hamodia, on page 1 of their E section, they have an article that says: Consumer Reports once mismeasured the ingredients in dog food.
Just last year, it screwed up the depreciation rates of hybrid cars.

"screwed up"? not very kosher language.

The Hamodia's response: Thank you for your email. We do have a system and a process that catches such words, and we do delete hundreds of words that are not befitting for our paper. Unfortunately though, we did slip and this time this particular sentence was left in the paper. We are looking into the matter and appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

Hamodia Editorial Board

Monday, January 29, 2007

On page E26 of the January 24, 2007 edition of the Hamodia, in the middle column of an article titled "Bright White Beetle Dazzles Scientists", the newspaper states, "In 2005, Dr. Pete Vukusic of the University of Exeter showed how butterflies give out fluorescent signals by absorbing and re-emitting unltra-violet light. This technology has been in place in natue for 30 million years, but scientists are just now developing high emission light emitting diodes (LEDs), which work in the same way...